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Coca-Cola, but sort of clever and street.
Dave: Hey dawg, can yo grab me some Crack-a-Cola from dat vending machie right theyuh?

Jeff: Dude, you're white.
por Duckhead666 06 de Agosto de 2010
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a form of coca cola made by adding crack to the drink they say its supposed to cure something but it seems like an excuse for people to buy crack
Dude...whoa...pass the cracka cola.
por PlayDohMan 25 de Abril de 2004
8 2
someone who drinks coca-cola more than an average person should at a time
tyler- "look at chris thats his 8th can before 12"
bret-" I know tyler hes such a "cracka cola"
por jack smehoff 25 de Setembro de 2010
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