The best of the 50 states in the United States of America. Many of the country's, and the world's, richest residents reside in Connecticut. Connecticut is home the smartest people and the colleges and universities that educate them (such as Yale University). Connecticut is also the best state for athletics. Uconn is continually one of the top dogs in college sports. Even yankee Mark Texiera lives in Connecticut. Many actors and actresses call Connecticut home because of all that it has to offer. In addition, Connecticut is the pizza capital of the world. Pepe's, Sally's, Modern, and many other superb pizza places are located in Connecticut. No one actually dislikes Connecticut. However, many are jealous.
How is he so awesome?

He's from Connecticut.

Oh, that explains it.
por qwerty132065 18 de Abril de 2011
CT is the richest country in the nation. It is mostly, but NOT completely, filled with rich preppy towns with high IQ's and everyone has to play more then 2 sports. However, there are parts of Connecticut that aren't rich, but everyone else in CT is afraid to go there. It's filled with big bright white/yellow houses and mowed lawns that are 100 feet to 1 mile. You probably live in a suburb and all of your friends are rich too, so you think it's normal.

You know you live in Connecticut when:
-Your lawn is mowed
-You have added an addition to your house less then 5 years ago
-You wear polo shirts and pants from abercrombie

-You get upset if you get a B-
-One of your parents makes over $150,000 a year
-You have an xbox, a medium sized dog, and a TV over 40"
-You have a BMW, or any car over $30,000
-You're scared of minorities
Guy from Connecticut: "Connecticut iznt what you say its not rich or preppy were just normal!!!!"

Guy not from Connecticut: "Connecticut is totally rich preppy and away from the real world . . The useless part between Massachusetts and New York. YEWSELESS!!!!!!"
por The Guy That Just Stands There 19 de Outubro de 2010
The state one would choose to live in, if one was fundamentally a retarded person.
Person #1: Did you hear about the guy form Connecticut who cut off his own arm when he got trapped in his own basement?

Person #2: What was the matter with him? Didn’t want to disturb his chimp?

Person #3: His chimp was upset because of all the wise cracks.
por ExConn 15 de Junho de 2010
The state the Red Sox drive through after losing to the Yankees.
Connecticut is paved with the tears of the Boston Red Sox
por martin font 10 de Agosto de 2006
a state. Like any other, I'm from Connecticut and I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I've never lived anywhere else so to put the state down doesn't seem right,but to say it's the best state in the country well I can't say that either. All the fellow Connecticut people or out of state people who come on here and celebrate CT or bash CT to ridiculous levels are wrong so maybe we are the richest or the smartest or both..doesn't mean any other state is poor or dumb we all have nice places and smart people and vise versa. The one great thing about CT is that we are so close to NYC and Boston..but other then that we're not awesome and we're not horrible...we're are simply a state in the Northeast of the US and southern New England..enough said
out of state person." So you're from Connecticut does that mean you're stuck up like all the rest of them?"
Me."Nope, I realize Connecticut is just a state like any other and I don't think we're better then anyone."
Out of state person."Wow thats a shock."
por memyselfI 26 de Abril de 2006
That random state nobody really cares about between Boston and NYC.
-When Tom drove to New York from Boston, he had to stop in Connecticut to get some gas, and pick up some food.
por thisisme45123 04 de Março de 2010
Connecticut was the fifth state added to the nation. It is the second smallest state and is located on the Atlantic Ocean in between NYC and Boston. Some statistics about CT are: We are the richest state in the nation, we have the highest IQ, we have the highest rich to poor differential, we have the highest amount of intravenous drug use in the nation, and one of our cities for years was the heroin capital. On that note, CT is an often misunderstood state. People on the outside of CT tend to think of it as a rich an snobby state where people are perfect and get what they want. In reality CT is not what it seems. Sure we have some of the best private and public schools in the country, but that is only in select parts of the state. Some of us from CT went to schools that barely got accredited. Traditionally most people who live in CT are considered to be preppy. On the whole though we have a large variety of people. To the idea that only white people live in CT, this is thought by those outside of CT and those in the special and select towns, such as Greenwich and Westport. Not only do we have some of the highest rated cities in the nation, but we also have some of the lowest. We have people living in mansions and we have people living in cardboard boxes. Some things that are traditionally CT are: the terms shotty and shotty not, Northface jackets, girls in Northface jackets and flip flops in the winter, grinders, package stores that close before 9 and are not open on Sundays, love for two Major League teams (Yankees and Red Sox), raggies, getting cocked. Contrary to popular belief the majority of the state does not ride around in Mercedes and Hummers, the most common cars are Jetta and Taurus. We like to party in the woods. You have most likely been to the Meadows for a DMB concert and can only remember part of it. It is a love it or leave it state. Some people on in say Fairfield County will never leave because they have all that they will ever need. The rest of us who got the short end of the stick can't wait to get out. CT is characterized by: Mansion lined streets, pretty little shore towns, houses in the middle of nowhere (ie the woods), farm towns, and ghettos. One thing we lack our suburbs. While many think of suburbs when they think of CT there is actually no real suburbs here. Famous people in CT include Paul Newman, Martha Stewart, 50 Cent, Kevin Bacon, Glenn Close, Linda Evans and Katherine Hepburn.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "Connecticut."
Person 1: Dude you must be like rich or something!"
Person 2: ""
por Lexilouwho 29 de Janeiro de 2009
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