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its spanish for 'know what i mean?'
yes, you can have a polish dog, but we put a
"special ingredient" in it, comprendes?
por beejabeeja 18 de Janeiro de 2007
To Understand, usually ask in a question, which is finished with Comprende.
Comprende? : You Understand?
por Conor Nickargra 29 de Abril de 2006
understand in spanish.

no comprende is i dont understand

no comprende--> i dont understand
por RachaelS 15 de Setembro de 2006
To understand.
1. We need to go and murk Big red, hes been talkin' trash all night...Comprende?

2. Comprende Mother fucker!
por Big J dawg 24 de Dezembro de 2008
Buddy, pal, bff. Often used by Amir Blumenfeld.
Amir: Hey, comprende. Door's locked.

Jake: Yeah, I'm trying to get some work done.
por Oh Sheesh 07 de Fevereiro de 2010