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A term used as a subtitute for "programming".
Joe: Hey Bill, what you up to?
Bill: Just coding.
Joe: You geek.
Bill: Yep :\
por pdc 21 de Maio de 2004
78 16
The act of making love from behind.
See you guys later, I'm off for a spot of coding.
por granny63.9 20 de Abril de 2011
22 10
Going into cardiac failure.
"Get a crash cart! this guy's coding!"
por Andy Frogman 12 de Maio de 2009
22 13
(Call Of Duty-ing) Used for away messages when you are playing Call Of Duty. Can also be used within the game when asked what you are doing by another friend.
por Jack$H!T 09 de Março de 2008
24 25
The common name for the God of Spammy Topics.
"Whaddaya know, Coding got another thousand posts in one night..."
por Deneuku-san 05 de Junho de 2003
15 18
1)Playing Call of Duty for large amounts of time without going upstairs or to the bathroom. This might be known for a period of addiction and may be outlawed in later times.

2) Being addicted to a video game (Call of Duty) and not doing anything else. Relates to Nick DiBenedetto.
I cannot do anything today because i'm going to be CODing all day today.
por champion17 11 de Fevereiro de 2010
3 10
Playing the best video game ever made, Call of Duty.
Joe: What are you doing all day?

Bob: Ill be CoDing.
por Joemamma12345 25 de Janeiro de 2010
5 16