A party at which clams are baked
Hey timmy, are you going to the clam bake down at Willer's point?

Gosh no, I'm gonna go impregnate my girlfriend and snort coke.
#sock hop #ice cream social #holding hands #malt shop #christian rock
por has every synonym for nameless been taken? 22 de Setembro de 2006
1. When a male takes a multiple females into a hot tub.

2. When a male attempts to hang out with a large group of females, particularly avoiding a group of males to do so. Also known as a shanghai artist.
1. "Matt invited a bunch of girls to a clam bake at his house on Friday".

2. "Brian did not want to go to poker-night so he could clam bake his friends' wives".
#clambake #clam baking #clambaking #clam baker #clambaker #clambacked #clam baked #clam-bake #clam-baked #clam-baker #clam bakes #clambakes #clam-bakes #shanghai artists
por TheInfinitySaga 03 de Julho de 2012
A group of women with shaved beavers sunbathing in the buff. The aim is to leave no tan lines. Very common on European nude beaches.
A lot of voyeur sites just feature clambake beach pics.
#clam #pussy #nude #sunbathing #beach #tanning
por wolfbait51 28 de Janeiro de 2011
See Dutch Oven and Queef. Similar to the Dutch oven however it can only be done by a woman. The woman queefs under the covers and pulls them over her bedmate's head to keep them trapped in the stink.
Did you see my youtube video of me doing a crazy Clam Bake my boyfriend? For some reason he is no longer returning my phone calls....
#dutch oven #queef #stink #stank #woman
por Mr. Jinchao 20 de Setembro de 2010
A setting or event where the number of woman is overly concentrated resulting in general catty or bitchy behavior. The exact opposite of a Sausage Festival.
They need to hire some dudes on the sales team; it's a clam bake over there with all that gossiping.
#women #bitch #clams #vagina #sausage festival #sororities
por fair_claire 27 de Abril de 2010
A party at which females greatly outnumber males.
You go to a house party but it's filled with women who just went to a baby shower together, you are one of a handful of men so it's a "clambake".
#sausage fest #bachelorette party #ladies night out #feminist party #womanist gathering
por Oliver L. the wordsmith 16 de Julho de 2013
When a woman queefs in bed, then pulls the blanket over her man's face.
female version of a Dutch oven. Guys, don't give your woman a Dutch Oven. She might give you a clam bake.
#queef #pussy fart #dutch oven #sleeping #revenge
por Leatherneck65 08 de Outubro de 2012
A Clam Bake is when you are at a party where there are more girls then there are boys. It is a "sausage fest," but with girls.
"Dude, this party is a clam bake."
#buy #clam #bake #mugs #& #shirts
por MillyB 19 de Agosto de 2011
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