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A gorgeous and amazing girl. Look for the word fun and able to make you smile, you would see the word Celine. She normally has an hour glass frame with small, plump lips and blue or green eyes. Normally blond or sometimes brunette, and is very creative.
"She's very unique and creative, her name Celine, suits her well"
por emellia 16 de Janeiro de 2009
The most beautiful/sexy girl (ho bag) in the world!
"Man, I'd like to tap Celine all night!"
por matthew murphy 17 de Abril de 2006
A very smart person who pretends to be blond for attention, no one likes a smart girl any way. She is very beautiful,unique, and deff sexy. very skinny with a nice figure. Very pretty eyes usually green or blue. She loves to have fun And shes has a great boyfriends. She is is very nice and thoughtful, just don't mess with her on her time of the month. She's not the average girl, shes unique in different ways, but not in a bad way. Shes very athletic and competitive, not jealous but sometimes she will be. And very confident but doesn't she it because she doesn't like to take all the attention or look like a slut. Again shes very thoughtful, hates smoking and sometimes drinks but just to have fun
"hey what the hell is Celine doing?"
"idk that's just Celine"
"ha ha"
por all you need is love!!!!!!!!!. 22 de Fevereiro de 2009
The most beautiful girl. usually had an hourglass frame and brown or greens eyes. very genuine, known for a huge heart. Has a great body, and beautiful face... just one of a kind. everyone wants to be her.
wow i wish i was celine!
por i8you 10 de Março de 2012
Is amazing, most beautiful person you will ever meet, has a big heart, and people always think she's an attention seeker. She's beautiful outside and her personality is one of a kind. Really unique. Always puts others before herself, cares about others problems even if she has more serious ones. Most girls want to be her, and they end up feeling jealous. People usually misjudge her, and she goes through more than you ever will in your lifetime. Knows how to treat a guy well, and is adorable with most guys, the longest relationships she'll never remember and will always dream about their memories, even if they've broken up. She hides her tears with smiles, and she hides her feelings with 'i'm fine'.

Don't ever judge anyone called Celine, they go through alot, and i know because my best friend, has been through so much, but she never puts herself first, she always asks me about my problem, she's beautiful inside and out. I'm not just saying this because she's my best friend, but also because i know this. There are a few other girls in my school called Celine and they're so pretty and have lush hair but they're personality is amazing.
"Look at Celine, she's beautiful. Have you ever spoken to her before? She has the most amazing personality."

"Every guy she's with, she looks so cute and they look perfect together. So jealous of her"

"I wish i was like her, people misjudge her, but then they get to know her, and they become really close. Her teeth are so straight it's unreal."
por meloniepapeya 09 de Janeiro de 2013
A beautiful french name. Of a woman that has blue and green eyes. She is a lush best friend. At times its hard to care for Celine because she thinks she can hide anything. BUT its always noticeable to find out what's going on. She is a stubborn woman but push her buttons to an extent and you'll find answers! This woman you wouldn't want to leave. Celine understands every aspect of the person she is dating. Incredibly coureagous with an I don't care attitude. That most find attractive. Can be emotionally attached but has there boyfriend falling in trances. Hypnotizing to the MAX. Celine is very very sexy european. A freak in the sheets. Always willing to jump your bones. Finds people who are sweet and outgoing the most attractive. But are stubborn and fiesty at the same time. She will drownd you in love and emotions that are overwhelmingly warm to the heart. She is addicting and can sexually satisfying to anyone with 0 confidence. Because she is that much of a sex addict. Trustful to the one she loves. Loves late night conversations and a good laugh that will make her run to the restroom. Celine is a woman that you cannot get bored of. Her personality is astonishing. Never a dull moment with Celine. Fights for her lover. An amazing girlfriend she is. Keep her happy and she'll make you fall hard.
Pulling a Celine!

All of my ex girlfriends are jealous of her. I don't blame them because look at how beautiful she is!

I'm a lucky bastard! Celine is mine.
por Dre Omar Jelise 02 de Abril de 2013
such a beautiful somoan out. such a lovely girl, amazing to be bestfriends with such a crack up. really good to have laughs with. she gets turned on when you touch her bum. she gets all the boys and she is just plain sexy
"damn she has a nice bum, must be a celine?"
por pimpintillimlimpin 18 de Novembro de 2013
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