Canadians aren't real. Canada itself is a myth.
No one has ever been to "Canada." No one knows if it really exists. People that say they have been there took some acid, sat on their coutch, and stared off at nothing. When they come down from their buzz they, think they went to Canada.
por Sinker 05 de Dezembro de 2005
A beautiful, peace loving nation that is populated by the largest group of sissy faggots on earth. The only country that even comes close to them is Cuba.
Canada was founded thousands of years ago by the French. They like the American founders, sought to gain freedom for their beliefs.
The only difference is that Americans wanted to have freedom of expression, religion, speech, a say in how their government works, etc.
Canadia was founded to have a sanctuary where men would not be frounded upon for pole-smoking. They are like a San Francisco to the world.
They allowed terrorists to gain entry to America on several occasions.
Bob: Hey what is that country that is made up of a bunch of gay-homosexuals?

Dave: Canada.

Bob: A Canadian, Romanian, and Albanian get captured by a tribe of homosexuals cannibals. Who doesn't get eaten for dinner.

Dave: I don't know.

Bob: The Canadian. He gave the best blowjob.

Canada is the number one cause for headaches and cancer.

They suck BALLZ!!!
por jo mama 23 09 de Fevereiro de 2009
A country that is NORTH of the U.S

A place of lax pot, gay marriage, and liqor laws. But contains too much poutine, french canadians, and people from B.C!!!
"Hey Luke? Wanna get hitched in Canada then smoke some weed and have some REAL beer for a change? Even though we're just 19"

"Nah Louis, too many Quebecers, Poutine and British Colombians"
por Ringmaster_J 30 de Março de 2004
fishing and weed = cool

hunting? I don't know,do you Canucks hunt without guns?

their beer is a bit watery for my taste though...i think those who are ranting and raving about it are kids

Unfortunately they have an effeminate communist view of guns.That's gay,eh?

Rush = a really good band
BTO and Guess Who...gotta love Randy Bachman...but they can be a little weird politically but we'll forgive them
Triumph was cool...FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT,EH?
I never had any problems with Canadians until I talked to them on the internet.Never knew you were such bitchy little trash talkers.:-)
Just don't badmouth my gun rights and I'll get along with you alot better.
It's not the guns it's the criminals.
And the criminals are fucked up because they were influenced by sex and drugs too early in life through the liberal media which actually glorifies sluts and gangs!
1) Country north of the USA.
2) Country with a weaker economy and less cultural influence than the USA.
3)A nation that has nothing special to offer the world.
4)America Jr. or Mini-America.
5)Colonists that were to much of pussies to fight the British during the American Revolution.
6)Looks like America, but just isn't the same.
7) Country Americans tell jealous foreigners they are from when not in the US, so that they won't be killed.
8)The World's D student.
Wow Canada sure does suck, I wish I was back in the states.

Canada? Oh we just call it American Jr. here.

France:I hate those arrogant American pigs
American tourist: Don't look at me, I'm from Canada, eh.
por Cavedog86 20 de Agosto de 2007
a place with very very fat and tim hortons are the main resource for life. the top models of Canada are not 40kilos but 400kilos!
this is NOT a good example...beeing fat like in canada...x_x
por pulaaaaa 01 de Abril de 2007
The home country of Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke, Avril Lavigne, and Nickleback.
So basically it's like the British invasion of the 1960's, except it's the Canadian invasion of... now. Also, instead of the revolutionary music that came with The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and many others, we get the ear piercing music of Justin Sheber and company. Canada is also the home country of Rob Ford and Ted Cruz. Think about that. Curling and ice hockey are their main sports, and while the latter is more entertaining than basketball, I cannot believe they find the former fascinating.
Considering how many awful people are Canadian, maybe America should invade Canada. Just sayin'
por CleuudDisappear13 03 de Abril de 2015

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