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The most kick ass dog in the whole world.
Dude, you wish your dog was like Brutis!
por kaymohoe 04 de Fevereiro de 2010

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A badass redneck tht is really racist and likes to get drunk and fight everyone, while yelling racist slurs.
Wow Brutis is the biggest crazy redneck ever.
por Adi H 14 de Agosto de 2011
Brother with whom you go way back.
Vic: do you want me to get a taxi for you you're fucking sloshed AY cunt! Emma: no its okay bruti x
por fra0016 21 de Novembro de 2012
name of the penis of all males named Joe. Brutis is the size of a fucking burrito from Chipotle.
hey Joe how is Brutis?
por toasty21 25 de Março de 2010
brutish guard in Mob of the Dead
run away! BRUTIS is coming
por alpacaishthingy 21 de Maio de 2013