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A beautiful, loving, and caring girl. She's sweet, cute, funny, and amazing. She's the type to make your day when you're feeling like shit and makes you smile on any given occasion. She is very different from other girls. She respects you and herself and will never let you down. She's very outgoing and gives you all the love you could possibly need. She's also a once in a lifetime type girl soooo.. marry her!
Man 1: why you so happy bro?
Man 2: cos I got me a Bridget!
Man 1: lucky ass prick
por methedonekitty 20 de Novembro de 2013
is a character from guilty gear and despite the name and appearance is actually male cause in the village he was born it is consider to be bad luck to have twins
boy1-this bridget girl is hot(playing guilty gear)

boy2-dude your gross thats actually a boy
por dark jak 15 de Agosto de 2011
Bridget is usually nice and beautiful. She can lift your day with her niceness. She loves music and is very bright. She's above average and athletic. She has a fantastic smile. She has long hair and hazel eyes, and skinny and tall. She's also happy and is up for anything. She is a great friend. If you are friends with her, feel lucky! She's one of a kind!
Look at that girl playing the drums, she's a Bridget.
por Sam Moseburger 08 de Fevereiro de 2014
A try hard. she tries to be "cool" but its really annoying. horrible at volleyball and just plain ugly.
Bridget "hey'
ME "no."

another example
me "did you like that movie"
bridget "no"
me "oh i did"

bridget "lol just kidding i totally loved it, hashtag best movie ever!"
por hihuney 25 de Maio de 2014
A shota icon, who is frequently featured in threads on image boards such as not4chan, 7chan and 12chan, where he can be fapped over. Due to his feminine appearance, he can cause sexual confusion for people of both genders, although tends to be a favourite of straight men. Bridget originates from the video game Guilty Gear XX, where he sought to prove his masculinity in a very short nun's habit, using a pink yoyo, and with the help of his teddy bear, Roger.
Everyone is gay for Bridget.
por Statuess 30 de Novembro de 2006
A nice person overall but weak in the weight room can barely put up the bar someone who picks their nose
Angelo: Man don't be a bridget get that last rep

Bob: Dude that chick is suck a bridget she just icked her nose imma put it on facebook
por Professor Hella sexy 10 de Março de 2010
A character from Guilty gear that, despite his very feminine appearance and name, is male. He was raised as a girl because it was bad luck in his villiage to have two twin boys. Bridget is a common term used for any shota that features a young cross-dressing boy.
Wow I found a lot of bridget on burichan.
por Leonis 06 de Junho de 2005