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An amazingly awesome girl. She is a wonderful listener and always there for her friends. Knows how to party and have fun! Usually stunning to the eyes,, and always doing people's hair for them. Loves all of her friends, and they always have her back. The guys are lucky if they get to catch her. A true Brandi will not be afraid to admit that she sleeps with a stuffed bear still, because all the cool kids know they still do it. She won't take any bull from anyone! Any Brandi is an awesome kisser:) Also very smart. Usually on the short side, and good at track. Likes taking pictures, and to read the "Twilight" series! A true Brandi will love to sing. Especially Taylor Swift songs.
"Woah, did you just see that chick?"
"Yeah. She was gorgeous. She must be a Brandi"
por iloveroy 17 de Julho de 2009
An all around awesome kind of girl. When girls are jealous of Brandis, they often express hostility because they are not up to par. The thing about Brandi is that she still keeps her cool and is pretty fun to be with.
I wish I was drinking some brandy with Brandi right now.
por definingmyworld 22 de Setembro de 2008
Brandi's are just looking for a good time! They love to be around people, and people enjoy being around them. They are outgoing, funny, athletic, and romantic. Brandi's are unstoppable! When they set their mind to something, it gets done no matter what. They are insanely beautiful and have mesmorizing eyes. They love their hair and like to go out with the girls. They are partiers.They get the party started! Brandi's are the kind of people everyone loves. They can light up a room when they walk in. Heads turn when they pass by. Brandi's are strong, and dont need to depend on someone. They love being romantic. but sometimes are read wrong. they get judged by their outer appearence. most girl are not fond of brandi's.. but its all jealousy. The boys love them! but brandi's are hard to get. Get to know a Brandi before you judge her. They're amazing friends, and just down right good people
Wow! i think i just saw my dream girl... She must be a Brandi!
por The real thinggggg 27 de Junho de 2011
The act of charming and wooing opponents, with both demeanor and lust provoking attire, as a means of manipulation and distraction during competitive sport.

(Origin of the word is derived from the ever devious pro poker player, Brandi Hawbaker (a.k.a. the "Paris Hilton of Poker"). Notorious for her scandalous behaviour and revealing apparel.)

Despite Mike and Jake's attempts to brandi themselves during the beach volleyball tournament their team failed to win. Little did they know, the beautiful ladies they were playing against were all lesbians.
por Ariel Agassi 15 de Agosto de 2007
Best damned friend you could ask for. All around great person and is always there for the people she cares about. Usually blond, blue eyes, and the personality that will brighten up your day. That bout sums it up
Hey you know Brandi, shes my best friend.
por n0bl36 01 de Janeiro de 2011
An amazing person with high sex appeal and a wide experience with the imagination, which includes geek qualities, althought the geekiness is made up for in bed.
Brandis has quite an amazing position.
por Sanie 10 de Agosto de 2008
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet... she light up your life, complete you. Any girl who finds a Brandi, can expect her to be open and honest with you... but be aware... the whole zoo will erupt with her so be ready - and that zebra might try to escape!
have you ever meet Brandi?
no why?
thats a shame... Brandi is amazing!
por boomboomkittyxo 04 de Outubro de 2013
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