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An experienced and intelligent internet/forum troll, bent on playing devils advocate and speaking his mind. A side effect which induces people to states of frenzied rage.

World of Warcraft and Warhammer Alliance forums, Boru evaded ban's, infuriated mods and became a replacement word for trolling.
Reason for ban: "Boru"

WHA Mod: "Ah shit, a Boru"
por WHA_Mod 28 de Janeiro de 2009
45 26
normally associated with a sexy person or thing. a boru is very sexy looking and normally peng.
ohmy, mate, your looking boru!!
por 09876543221 22 de Junho de 2011
6 1
A class combining both band and chorus.
In borus, Amanda plays flute and sings.
por Francesca Gallagher 11 de Outubro de 2008
0 7
Someone that can smell another persons farts all too well, and usually likes it.
"man, i hate it when boru is around, i can never blow my wind"
por flankerjack 23 de Junho de 2004
7 28