A level higher than bitch.
Your such a fuckin blitch for taking my m&m's
#fag #asshole #niggerfaggot #asswipe #bitch
por G Dizzle G Dog 15 de Novembro de 2010
1. an abbreviation for blond bitches

2. word to describe stupid blond women who blog about retarded things

3. referring to any one stupid and a bitch; including politicians

4. dumb bitches not exclusive to women or excluding men
Those blitch's need to stop making retarded youtube video in their panties and then complain about all the sexist comments that get posted. TITS OR GTFO BLITCH'S!
#bitch #blond #intelligent #politician #stupid #american
por Darkseig 09 de Novembro de 2010
a female software cracker
a complaint blog
a less offensive alternative to saying "bitch"
a book by soda biers
I am the real blitch.
I like to blitch about posers.
Blitch is my book and Urban Tarot is my tarot, my writing alias is Soda.
I just wanted to blitch about something.
#blitch #blitchin #cracker #complaint #bitching #bitch
por soda biers 02 de Dezembro de 2010
a really annoying glitch one comes across whilst gaming, comes from glitch bitch
(gamer hits into a tree and goes flying across the map)
#bitch #glitch #fml #annoying #glitch bitch
por oLi135790264 29 de Setembro de 2009
-blitch is the baby of black and bitch
-when you're to lazy to say 'black bitch'

-can be replaced anywhere you would say 'bitch'
-look at all of these blitches up in here
-can i get another drink up in this blitch
- big booty blitches
#black #bitch #ghetto #shwag #slang
por bong babies 19 de Dezembro de 2012
When a bitch forgets to be a bitch and is occasionally nice, but then turns back to her bitchy ways, she has blitched.
Leah to Seth: Like I'd ever go out with you.
Leah to Seth: Sure I'll go out with you!
Leah to Seth: Screw you
Seth to Jake: Leah totally blitched on me this week.
#bitch #glitch #glitched bitch #leahseth #sethleah
por Devokrative 12 de Dezembro de 2009
African American lady who is really, really mean.

Black + Bitch= Blitch
Wanda Sykes can act like a real 'Blitch' sometimes. Or, my ex-girlfriend is a real Blitch.
#bitch #mean #black #ex #african american
por Drizzle my nizzle-o 16 de Janeiro de 2010
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