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Two hours of rubber nipples.
Dude! Did you see that S&M film last night? It was like watching Batman And Robin all over again!
por Paul Newman 08 de Fevereiro de 2004
245 57
Either a term for a gay couple, or a man and a very young boy whom you suspect are engaging in sexual intercourse. If you spot the latter please report it to the local authorities.
Dude, I'm calling the cops cuz I see Batman and Robin, and Batman's grabbing Robin's ass!
por Steve22 06 de Setembro de 2005
163 76
the gayest movie EVER
Soo fucking gay. Batman and Robing is the gayest shit of all time
por manningsgay 24 de Setembro de 2006
131 64
Term for a homosexual couple.
Due to loneliness Jorge is interested in becoming a third party in a batman and robin sexcapades.
por red21dragon 21 de Janeiro de 2005
85 40
A male homosexual couple characterized by a very masculine man(Batman) and a very effeminate man (Robin).
Batman and Robin:

Robin: Oh Batman, your big muscles and Batmobile are so fabulous!

Batman: Thanks, Robin, but let's keep this affair on the DL.
por oiadubn 16 de Maio de 2007
67 28
The worst batman movie ever
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Batman and robin?

Guy 2: Yeah, that movie fucking sucks
por makabakachoop 15 de Abril de 2014
8 2