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Carving of an apple in a specific way that enables you to smoke out of it.
The word Bapple is derived from adding the words Bong and Apple.
You: "Damn, I can't find anything to smoke out of."
Me: "Hey, lets just make a Bapple."
por Ronnie Tsunami 31 de Agosto de 2006
22 12
Bacardi and Fresh Apple juice = Bapple
A refreshing and great tasting alternative to the usual pub drinks, my favourite tipple on a Friday night after a very trying day! Easily prepared and tastes much better than most fancy cocktails.
I'll have a Bapple please barman!
por Hels78 14 de Maio de 2010
7 8
The Big Apple
New York City
Everybody knows new york city is Bapple baby.
por Davide Boom Bats 14 de Outubro de 2008
7 8
1. to punch in the balls while performing oral sex.
"when Coreys mom was sucking him off, she was giving him a bapple."
por Big Jerms 27 de Julho de 2005
16 20