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Black Man Porn

Everyone in college is always watching that bmp, disgusting!
por EveryoneBMP 12 de Maio de 2010
3 9
Black Man's Pussy.

Often tattooed on white girls who belong to black men.
That young white girl was a virgin when I met her. I took her from her home an me and my boys own her now. She even has "BMP" tattooed around her belly.
por Mandingo10+ 26 de Junho de 2009
14 21
Beta Male Provide. These are the guys who buy women all their drinks, shower them with compliments, drive them around, and are baffled when the females aren't sexually attracted to them. On the other hand, alpha males take care of the female's sexual needs.
Janet's BMP, Joe, keeps giving her flowers, taking her to movies, and is always telling her how intelligent and interesting she is to gain her approval. What Joe doesn't know is she really loves Jake, the bad boy jerk who fulfills all her sexual desires.
por b00zy 02 de Julho de 2006
9 16
also short for Bad Mental Picture
"NPR was talking about a woman who died on the toilet, fell onto her space heater, and melted-"

"ugh, BMP!"
por PsiFer 15 de Março de 2006
11 18