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The Arizona Cardinals football team, usually referring to the Defense. Also used by fans to connect online. Coined by Darnell Dockett.
On the field Dockett represents #BIRDGANG to the fullest.

DRC steals the football like nothin wrong. #BIRDGANG
por E23R0 20 de Julho de 2011

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References the Philadelphia Eagles. Arizona Cardinals want to steal the name for their defense but it was originally a nickname for the Eagles; and that's a fact.
The birdgang killed the Cardinals today. Those idiots under utilize Larry Fitzgerald.
por mother_fer 08 de Dezembro de 2013
A group of promiscious women who hang out together.
Look at that group of bitches they're definately a bird gang
por young rocket22 15 de Julho de 2009
A gang in Brampton ontario
yooo its bird gang there the baddest in b town
por gurman 19 de Novembro de 2005