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BBS, an abreviation of Bulletin Board System now more commonly known as Forums. BBS are usually found on the Internet but Network based BBS are often used by large businesses.
Check the BBS regulary.
por BloodiedFangs 04 de Março de 2005
62 74
BBS: Bare Butt Spanking
you have been a very bad girl... you deserve a BBS ;o)
por DWH 07 de Outubro de 2007
21 47
belly button sex
"Who is your BBS partner?"
"I have a whole line of partners!"
por csgirl 05 de Maio de 2009
16 45
male equivalent of PMS. stands for blue ball syndrome. when a guy is very horny and he has "blue balls" and gets very annoying because of the hormones.
Matt: hahahahaha im so annoying!
Me:dude you need to go shoot one off because you are totally bbs-ing
por sillyindian 20 de Outubro de 2008
12 43
Buddy Butt Sex
Im gay and want to have BBS with you!
por l.kjasd 16 de Dezembro de 2008
12 44
short for big-breasted sister
what he said is a bbs.
por Metro 20 de Novembro de 2007
9 41
Short for 'burning ball syndrome'. Many times is a case of jock itch. However, may also be a symptom of a std (get it checked son). Common amongst athletes and beach gowers (sand in the shorts, ouch). If you get bbs, gold bond powder is your best friend. Frequent sufferers of bbs generally keep gold bond in their locker or bathroom.
Ex 1: "Dude, I was free-balling it at the beach this weekend and got a wicked case of bbs."

Ex 2: (Girl) "What's that on your nuts?" (Guy) "Don't stop baby. It's just some bbs."
por albert007 15 de Junho de 2007
36 68