A person who fits at least one of the following:

1. only knows how to use a Mac and cannot handle a PC, gets very frustrated using one.

2. thinks that Macs' hardware are much better (although statistically their failure rates are not that different than other laptops).

3. over exaggerate his/her passion for Mac products. e.g. I *need* an iPad to read my newspaper and magazines.

4. uses Apple as a status symbol.

5. buys a new Mac product without knowing the prominent features. e.g. GPS and FaceTime in iPhone 4.

6. thinks he/she is technologically savvy but actually knows very little about technology e.g. does not know the difference between 3G and EDGE, 3G versus Wi-fi.

7. Owns many Mac products and is very proud of it.

8. Feels entitled to get a new Mac product on launch day and get unreasonably angry when failing to do so.

9. Has absolutely no idea what open source is.

10. Thinks that the new features that Apple introduces are ground-breaking even though they had been available for years. e.g. 3G, multitasking.

11. When their Apple products fail instead of admitting that Macs can fail sometimes just like PCs, focus on how amazing the experience of getting it replaced at the Genius Bar.

12. Although Macs are better than a PC in some areas (and vice versa), does not know any of the evidences; just *think* that Macs are better.

13. Feels special and cool to own a Mac product although it is no longer a cult to own a Mac product, unlike 10 years ago.
I just think Macs are better. I'm not an Apple fanboy though.
por calhobs 11 de Setembro de 2010
An apple fanboy is someone who has caught a common disease in which they praise Apple products and criticize everything else. The sickness is usually caught after the victim sees too many Apple TV advertisements, and buys into Apple's marketing strategy. The Apple fans will usually line up for hours, even days in extreme cases, to be one of the first to get their hands on a new, outrageously overpriced Apple product, which features technology that has been on the market on other handsets for months, if not years. Apple fanboys also support Apple in its constant legal disputes with rivaling companies, especially Samsung. Apple fanboys are convinced that every smartphone in existence is a copy of their precious iPhone, which has struggled to change over half a decade. The infected fanboys also try desperately to make up reasons why their "perfect" Apple products are so much better than other devices, particularly Android devices, to no avail. Unfortunately, it is a rare occurence to see an Apple fanboy fight off the sickness and give any other products a chance.
Apple fanboy: Why is the power button on your Samsung on the side of the phone?

Regular person: Since the screen is bigger, it's easier to just press on the side instead of having to reach for the top of the phone.

Apple fanboy: (Struggling) Well... you Samsung owners are just lazy and need to get off your fat asses and reach for the top of the phone.
por Your pseudonymmmm 01 de Abril de 2013
A passionate advocate and promoter for Apple operating systems and hardware; also known as an Apple Evangelist.
"Android is a perfectly valid system, quit being such an Apple-Fanboy!"
por kaceykaso 17 de Janeiro de 2012
A bunch of people brainwashed by a giant company called Apple. Who only knows what Apple had told them is good. They all at least fit in one of these silly scenarios:

- Go and hate all competition, pretending only Apple shall exist in the mobile gadget market

- Think Apple devices have the best benchmark scores on earth, esp. believe iPad is the most powerful tablet on earth while ignoring Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has real multitasking that iPad never have.

- Go live in the concealed Apple planet and never see the day of light.

- Thinking a Mac computer never need any modern functions as those in PC. They don't need games, optical drives and blu-ray encoding in their Macs.

- He has no problems with Apple softwares, so are you! Don't shout out any problems you have with Apple softwares because those Fanbois assumes Apple software are free of that.

- Love to buy tons of accessories for their Apple devices, like plastic cases for their aluminium iPhones/iPads

- Own iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad at the same time do the same thing on each one

- Always hate Samsung for no reason, but ignoring their iOS devices are mostly produced by Samsung

- Always believe Apple creates, others only steal from Apple

Strangely with all the Apple Fanbois around, Apple still brings up a "Why you will love iPhone/iPad" campaign to gain back fanbois confidence toward Apple.
PC guy: Hey, my PC has blu-ray encoding, how about your Mac?

Apple fanboy: Who needs blu-ray anyway?

Android user: I am so happy with the quad-core CPU in my Android phone, your iPad doesn't seem to have that?

Apple fanboy: Go get a life Fandroid, we don't need quad-core CPU to run iOS.
por HKwan 30 de Março de 2013
People that are addicted to spending their money on Apple products.
Im not going to use Android. Im an apple fanboy.
por MrDogeReptilian 15 de Dezembro de 2015
A person who doesn't settle for the crap HP, Dell, and Microsoft put out.
IT Guy: "I love my PC, Apple sucks"

Apple Fanboy: "Actually, Apple was the first company to sell a personal computer, and first to implement a graphical user interface and a mouse."

IT Guy: "Check out my PDA"

Apple Fan: "yea Apple was the first to sell a PDA"

IT Guy: "Check out my brown Zune"

Apple Fan: "Yea thats the Microsoft version of the iPod, its terrible, and exists only to take a chunk of the massive market apple created"

IT Guy: "Check out my Driod"

Apple Fan: "Yea, thats Motorola's version of the iPhone, notice how it looks and functions almost exactly the same as the iPhone from 3 years ago"

IT Guy: "Check out Windows Vista - its got quick search and gadgets"

Apple Fan: "Yea OSX has had that for a while"

IT Guy: "Check out Windows 7, its primary selling point is that it works"

Apple Fan: "Yea, OSX has always worked, mostly because they dont use a glitchy and bugged OS to serve as a selling point for another bugged and glitchy OS"

IT Guy: "Check out Internet Explorer"

Apple Fan: "IE is the worst browser on the market, and serves as a major hindrance for web developers"

IT Guy: "Check out my XBOX 360"

Apple Fan: "Dont those have a reported 50% failure rate."

IT Guy: "Crap, i have to go, someones windows computer is broken, BTW you're a fanboy"
por GTR42445 02 de Setembro de 2010
An Apple Fanboy fits under 1 or more of the following:

1. They literally sacrifice their life, family and job, and go in the extreme by waiting outside the Apple Store a day before it's new line release- sometimes days and weeks!

2. They own a Mac, iPhone, or any other Apple product, and refuse to believe that Samsung or Google is better.

3. They're completely mind obsessed with Apple, and have all the latest Apple Tech.

4. They think that Android always copy iOS, and refuse to believe that the technology Apple has been around for years.

5. They haven't tried any other device exepct for Apple.
Normal Person: *Sees Apple Fanboy waiting for the iPhone 6s outside the Apple Store 2 weeks before its release* "Hey! What are you doing outside in the rain."

Fanboy: Waiting for the 6s, idiot!

Normal Person: Have you tried the S6? Way better then that Apple shit you're getting. I didn't have to wait outside for the S6.

Fanboy: Whatever! Your Samsung sucks ass. Get lost!

Normal Person: He will always be a Apple Fanboy
por HynotisisAnime 08 de Setembro de 2016
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