Anna is a girl who is beautiful in every way possible, shes caring and conciterate. shes usually very skinny and VERY smart. shes the one who will stand out in a crowd with an awesome style, most people to her are followers. you would be lucky to date her- let alone be friends with her.

shes a cutie for sure. shes better than all the other names here, so guess what ANNA ROCKS!
Guy; whos that girl over there?
Friend; uhm thats Anna, shes pretty cool.
Guy; dude shes gorgeous..
Friend; HA good luck with that one.
por DrakeIsSex 07 de Agosto de 2009
People who are amazing, beautiful and who make the best girlfriends ever. Everybody loves them so much :)
Murph: OMG you are so perfect, you are such an Anna ;D
por Murph ;D 04 de Novembro de 2009
better than sliced bread. lovely, graceful, and shining with inner (and outer beauty), yet also funny and intelligent.

plus it is a palindrome.

really just all-round OSSUM!
"Hi, i'm Anna"

por funnyandoriginalpseudonym 07 de Fevereiro de 2010
an anna is a a very passionate enthusiastic happy fun beautiful girl who is caring and is always there for all her friends. she is so adorable and cute and is so easy to talk to and is always great to share a laugh with! annas are usually short and petite but have a big bubbly warm personality that lights up the room! they have the nicest loveliest hair ever and are very intelligent and smart. If you meet an anna feel special to know one and treasure your friendship with them forever because you know you will always have each others back unless shit comes. Annas are always outgoing, bubbly, cheerful and friendly! You can always count on making friends with an anna so quickly! Everyone loves an anna!! :)
You so lucky to know an anna, i heard they always cheerful and bubbly!
por morgyorgy3 19 de Fevereiro de 2012
A person who is very mother like. Frequently has 10 children, or, if too young to have children, always wants to take care of other peoples' children. Often is of Russian decent. Usually eats a lot and is friendly but very very very shy. Like an introvert. May be emo as a teenager, but will grow into a loving, caring mother and wife.
Look! That girl's taking care of a random stranger's kids! What an ANNA!
por Llama girl. 04 de Junho de 2011
The most awesome, prettiest, most popular (she gets good grades to!) girl in the School. Everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) Likes her and all the boys have crushes on her. Everyone is envious of Anna but at the same time Anna has thousands of friends
1: Wow that girl in smokin
2: She so an Anna
por hannahmontanahater 19 de Junho de 2009
Something you didn't know you couldn't live without until you had it, and then you realize your life simply wouldn't be the same without it. Generally doesn't know how amazing it actually is. Makes you wish everybody was just like an Anna because the world would be a nicer place. Also one of the sweetest, funniest things you could come across. You're life just isn't complete without Anna in it.
You're so happy, did you just talk to Anna?

Oh look everyone's laughing over there, there must be an Anna around.
por lagod 12 de Dezembro de 2010
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