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'idiot' in Japanese.
aho = Hanshin Tigers fans
por KRHimself 12 de Maio de 2004
94 43
Aho = Idiot in the Osaka dialect of Japanese.
Yamashita-san wa aho da to omou.
>> I think Yamashita is an idiot.
por coryinc 26 de Setembro de 2006
64 19
A japanese word meaning idiot, fool, stupid and (Japanese word) "baka". "Ahou" somewhat stronger in sense.
This is a kansai (Kyoto, Osaka region) dialect.
Aho, don't say such a stupid thing.
Our current president is an Ahou or Baka, damaging everything.
por ramunenakayama 02 de Dezembro de 2007
57 22
a-ho is like asshole & ho combined. It's usually used towards your best girl-friend.
"You told him I want his sex? THANKS a-ho."
por Brie 16 de Outubro de 2004
4 10
An exclamatory word ..from punjabi ...means "yes" ..when anyone shouts aloud ..AHO! yeah! like we have drunk with redbull and full of energy
aho! we r gonna do it

aho! we will tear that
por beingjoyful 21 de Outubro de 2011
15 22
Something that is said when someone strongsly agrees with someone.
Person One: She is so fine
Person two: Aho
por Stephen Ta. 24 de Novembro de 2008
32 39
means: "right on, my friend!"
- That girl is ugly... she's beat sauce!
- A ho!

- Tuna fish is on sale!
- A ho!

- Get in the car!
- A ho!
por Jamal Wack Yo 26 de Julho de 2006
9 31