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4 definitions by this_is_marta

An exclamation of various things, these being anger, surprise, humility, embarrassment, etc.
"Dude! You failed your math test!"

"fuck a midget! I studied so hard for that test! Damn. I was too busy staring at Miss Havishams boobs."
por THIS_IS_MARTA 09 de Março de 2009
15 5
And adjective describing anyone named Tessa, when they feel truly elated. Hence, tessalated.
"Tessa, do you feel tessalated today?"

"I'm just so tessalated right now, guys!"

"The tessalation going on in that room just blows my mind."
por this_is_marta 22 de Outubro de 2009
5 1
An exclamation of repugnance, anger, discomfort, disappointment, or defeat.
"Your pregnant."


"Yes, blagershanfen indeed."
por THIS_IS_MARTA 09 de Março de 2009
0 1
The almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster. Under the religion of Pastafarian, you worship this almighty deity.

Once i found the FSM, i was saved. His almighty sauciness engulfed me, and i was at peace with the world.
por THIS_IS_MARTA 11 de Fevereiro de 2009
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