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School for the socially challenged. Otherwise known as a school of engineering. Most Rose-Hulman students spend their four years at the school much like they did in all the years leading up to it - Not getting laid. But unlike the idiots they went to high school with, these nerds get rich and so bitches become relatively easy to obtain. The school also has female students that become more attractive as your time away from the rest of society increases.
Girl: "I just married me a Rose-Hulman graduate"
Girl's Friend: "You go girlfriend, remember who your friends are when you start blowing all his cash. Told you those fake tits would pay for themselves"
por sceadu 23 de Outubro de 2006
If you need to look it up it's probably your best shot at getting a blowjob.
Dude 1: "I caught my roomate sucking his own dick."
Dude 2: "He can self-suck? I can't get my roomate to suck anything"
Dude 1: "uh?"
por sceadu 23 de Outubro de 2006
Someone so wrapped up in the emo scene that they can tediously explain all the different variations of emo. Claims to know what is emo and what is not. Imposes this view on others. Someone that loves to label and loves being labeled "emo". Which begs to question once someone finds a label to sum up all your attributes and you proudly wear that label, aren't you then just a douche?
Guy1: "So my friend is all Emo now. He keeps pestering me that fans of some band are not really emo and those that wear some band's t-shirt are not emo and then started rambling about mall emos and poser emos"
Guy2: "Sounds emotedious"
Guy1: "My answer to him was who gives a flying fuck?"
por Sceadu 28 de Outubro de 2006
The goofy people that hang out in your dorm lobby all day long. Usually smell bad because they don't shower and are proud of that fact. They hog the big screen TV to watch the Star Trek Marathon or Rocky Horror picture show with the sound turned off as they read the script they wrote for it. They sit there for hours playing board games like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the gathering or some other goofy crap while wearing fairy costumes. They may not even belong to your dorm but take it over anyway and join forces with the dorks that do live in your dorm. They just sit there like idiots as you pelt them with snow balls, super soakers, and rocks. Even after you force them out, the smell is still there. Typically they are CS and chemistry majors.
We had planned to watch the football game on the big screen in our lobby but we don't have time to run all the damn lobsters out and clear the air before it starts.
por Sceadu 17 de Outubro de 2006
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