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97 definitions by p@$$ing thr.ugh

The papaya trick 2 can and is in most cases used as a retaliation to the papaya trick. The person on the losing end of the papaya trick, will in most cases attempt to do the papaya trick 2. This trick loses it's potency if too much time is allowed to pass. Ideally the papaya trick 2 is performed immediately after the papaya trick, so if you have just sucessfully executed a papaya trick it is important that you keep in mind that you are not yet in the clear and keep your eyes open for any signs of the following:
Your friend who just got conked on the head offers to take the papaya off your hands.
Your friend with papaya now in hand offers to show you a trick of his/her own.
Your friend asks you to close you eyes.
If you fail to recognise any of these warning signs, it is still not too late. You only need to remember one thing, when you find yourself the victim of the papaya trick 2: CLENCH
Your friend will now try to shove the papaya up your rectum. If you have failed to divert the proceeding of the papaya trick 2 at this point, now, the papaya's going in, whether you like it or not. You must now remember to UNCLENCH, or you will begin to feel an increasing amount of discomfort. You must now try to relax you anus and allow the papaya to gently slide in.
If you failed to twart the papaya trick 2 you must then admit that you have been bested and convey a show good sportsmanship for at that point you have sadly been outwitted at your own game.
Hmm, I didn't really like that papaya trick, but I have a better one, close you eyes, turn around, hahaha, I call it papaya trick 2. Now you see it now you don't. Ahahahaha!
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 21 de Janeiro de 2010
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A wallpaper tattoo is a tattoo of a pattern or print, like leopard print, fishnet, or paisely.
I'm scottish so I got a wallpaper tattoo of plaid around my thighs.
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 15 de Janeiro de 2010
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it's when the punker does or says something to make the punkee look foolish without the punkee realizing it, and nobody will ever find out. IT'S PERFECT!
Remember that time, I falsified information on urban dictionary, and the editors didn't pick up on it, THE SECRET PUNK-OFF!
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 14 de Janeiro de 2010
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a full legion of drunken elves
Person 1: If I didn't know better I'd think you put something in my drink, because I'm starting to believe, I'm zindy.
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 13 de Janeiro de 2010
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Acronym for Not Everything 'r 'bout yah.
Heavy with irony, to be used as a strict wake up call when you're friend has trailed off an proverbially fallen asleep facedown in a bowl of soup.
Dan: And now I will be listing all the things I like about shooshi. I like her smile. I like her laugh. I like her aww, cuteness, I like her...

.... 15 minutes later tired from rambling for 15 minutes, we find Dan snoring facedown in a bowl of soup.
Standard Operating Proceedure: NERB! Yah.
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 23 de Dezembro de 2010
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A syndrome commonly seen by prostitutes, whereby the John is unable to get arroused. If the prostitute is a high end well experience sex trade worker she will easily be able to isolate the psychological barriers preventing the John from attaining an errection and completing the service. However some prositutes may be forced into prostitution on the black market and are not experienced or highly intuitive and this may in some cases perpetuate little john syndrome indefinitely.
Anise experiences little john syndrome on a regular basis and soothes the John by feigning innocence to the johns issues at the john (aka crapper/pisser) and John's guilt and self-loathing for visiting her instead working and going home to his wife.

Lacuna experienced little john syndrome for the first time after Stanko brought her John into the motel room. When the John saw the disgust and fear in her eyes it served to perpetuate his little John syndrome.
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 22 de Dezembro de 2010
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food and shelter
I'm going to go to the cathedral on uni as I heard they offer felter to homeless wags like I.
por p@$$ing thr.ugh 06 de Dezembro de 2010
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