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41 definitions by one eyed milkman

Yourself ­­­
Gotsta look after number one
por One Eyed Milkman 04 de Maio de 2004
1. Venereal Disease
2. Vaginal Discharge
3. Violent Delight (band)
1. He got VD
2. Urgh! You just VD'd in my face
por One Eyed Milkman 07 de Junho de 2004
Something you say to someone quickly causing them to say "what?" and then you go "haha you said what so you're a sphincter!"
Teh example is covered above darling
por One Eyed Milkman 10 de Julho de 2004
Cack = Shit
Hahahaha! Jason just cacked his pants!
por one eyed milkman 27 de Abril de 2004
Short for Slashdot
Aa Bb Cc
por One Eyed Milkman 31 de Maio de 2004
a warringtonian term for a scruffy bastard
Jonny never washes his bell end he's a fucking screb!
por one eyed milkman 19 de Abril de 2004
it means go away
bog off dave, stop humping my leg
por One Eyed Milkman 24 de Março de 2004