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When Having vaginal sex in the doggy style position extremely fast and you slip out and your dick slides into her ass causing her to A: pass out from shock! B: jump across the room! C: scream! Or D: all of the above! This shares some similarities to the use and effects of reset buttons on tomagotchi's and other assorted digital pets!
Kyle:I was fuckin my girl from behind and hit her anal reset button! She blacked out for a second but then we got back to business!

Matt: gotta love The Anal Reset Button!

Kyle and Matt: Crank Dat Tomagotchi!!!
#surprise butt secks #anal #tomagotchi #becker is god #mastercox
por matt-becker 05 de Abril de 2009
When a girl is on her knees and you spin in a circle while cock smacking her!
My gf was being a twat so I wafflecoptered that ho! Crank that wafflecopter! Oh yeah the wafflecopter!
#cock smack #waffle #helicopter #becker is god #mastercox
por matt-becker 24 de Novembro de 2008
McNastyism is the religion in where the followers believe that Becker is god!This religion dates back to ancient times and was first established on the Isle of Bekker, an island neighboring the lost city of Atlantis! Becker is thought to be the lost god of sex and violence in greek mythology but due to his controversial behavior the greek people feared him and wrote him out of there history! The havok armada of the isle of Bekker later recovered the McNasty Gospels just south of Atlantis and soon after found the Book of Mastercox and the commandments of weaver completing the holy trinity of McNastyism!The religion then was lost for several years until the time of the salem witch hunts where an alleged witch discovered the location of the 3 books and then in the early 90's a pbs film crew discovered some relics of beckers while searching for atlantis! Now McNastyism is an increasingly popular religion! Well known followers of McNastyism include; Matt Becker, Kyle Cox, Kenton Weaver, The cast of Bio-Dome,over half of Hollywood, and The Trix Rabbit who is a high preist!
Theologian: What religion do you practice?

Guy at the porn shop: McNastyism duh!

Theologian: ah yes very good! Me too my son!
#becker is god #mastercox #weaver #isle of bekker #religion
por matt-becker 06 de Abril de 2009
The main theory of the popular religion McNastyism! This religion is composed of a holy trinity of McNasty aka Becker (god), mastercox aka white jesus, and Kenton aka Pope Weaver! With Becker as the one true god and his faithful demi-gods cox and weaver they reign supreme over all in existence! the benefits of McNastyism include free nacho days, wet tshirt contests and a girafe petting zoo on any believer of the becker faiths Mcnastytism which is the equivalent to a christian baptism only captain morgan tattoo replaces the holy water!
McNasty Priest: Who is the one true god my fellow McNasties?
All: becker is god!!! All hail Becker!!! In the name of the becker, the cox, and the holy weaver! Amen!
#mcnastyism #becker #cox #weaver #juicebox killer
por matt-becker 05 de Abril de 2009
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