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141 definitions by mandingoe

Become violent. Snap out
Jim bust a grape and got a month in ad seg.
por mandingoe 26 de Abril de 2004
95 31
French kissing; snogging
We'd park by the lake and just swap spit for hours. Swapping spit is so much fun.
por mandingoe 24 de Maio de 2004
76 14
this incredible anecdote is indeed bona fide; I vouch for the veracity of this statement

A common utterance among guys who wear wifebeaters (GWWW)

synonym: I swear to God.
So then she just stuck the whole thing in her mouth. I kid you not.
por mandingoe 30 de Setembro de 2004
100 46
how words are often written in urban dictionary
The correct spelling is "misspelled"
por mandingoe 29 de Abril de 2004
70 16
1. a common last word in the first line of limericks

2. an island and town in Massachusetts, which, if the limericks are to be believed, is inhabited by sexually perverse and possibly nymphomaniacal people
The man from Nantucket is a frequent poster to Urban Dictionary.
por mandingoe 23 de Julho de 2004
112 59
1 a triangular kerchief head covering

2 an elderly Russian or eastern European woman. Stereotypically stout.
Once a week I visit three babushkas.
por Mandingoe 31 de Maio de 2004
116 63
1. a dispute that's a matter of one side's claims or bluster against the other's; a word feud; bickering; belly bumping. Contrary to some definitions, women are quite capable of(although usually less inclined to) "hold their own" in a pissing contest, which could morph into a shirt-shredding cat fight

2. many of the pointless definitions at this site that every one over the age of 8 already knows the meaning of
por mandingoe 08 de Junho de 2004
107 55