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107 definitions by julie

the best effin show on the planet. Constantly makes fun of the problems in society with the ability to make you laugh your ass off.
Cartman: How would you like to suck my balls?
Mr. Garrison: What did you say?
Cartman: Oh, Im sorry, Im sorry. Actually, what I meant to say was *gets out loudspeaker* How would you like to suck my balls, Mr. Garrison?
por Julie 10 de Outubro de 2004
4422 453
North Eastern English slang for something good or nice. There is no bigger compliment than being called canny.
She's a right canny lass
por Julie 06 de Maio de 2004
491 194
the russian term for ass
Did you see that girl's zhopa?
por Julie 28 de Agosto de 2003
278 84
violent, often brutal sex acts, or a person, usually a male prostitute, who looks like they participate in such acts.
My boyfriend looks like rough trade.
por julie 08 de Setembro de 2003
248 69
a song by sublime
i don't practice santeria i aint got no crystal ball...
por julie 25 de Junho de 2003
339 180
its german for shit
'shizer!' exclaimed sarah when she fell on her phat azz
por julie 08 de Janeiro de 2003
242 121
A person originating from Teesside, North East England, particularly Middlesbrough and Stockton, usually an avid fan of Premier League side Middlesbrough Football, and the God that is Juninho. Geordie and Mackam haters, and so called because of the Smog produced by the I.C.I chemical plant. Shortened from original nickname of "Smog monster."
The Smoggies painted the town red after Middlesbrough victory in the league cup final 2004 in Cardiff, especially since the Geordies won Jack Shit
por Julie 01 de Abril de 2004
154 40