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7 definitions by jens

fantastic, exceptional. usually used to describe the brilliance of an actor or actress.
There are no words to describe your brilliance... so I amforced to make one up, and I shall do so now . . . "Scrumtrelescent!"
por jens 05 de Dezembro de 2002
78 30
Danish argot for cry-baby.
1. (Danish usage) Tudefjæs, hold kæft!
2. (English usage) She is such a tudefjæs.
por Jens 04 de Dezembro de 2004
23 6
Danish argot for someone who comes from the country; a hick; a country bumpkin
1. (Danish usage) Han er en meget fjollet bonderøv.

2. (English usage) Look at that bonderøv over there.
por Jens 04 de Dezembro de 2004
12 1
She's the one who'll take him in when you dump him in the street.
"I really can't feel bad for that trotch, she's knew she was only a clean up woman."
por jens 18 de Março de 2004
21 10
Danish argot, see idiot, moron
1. (Danish usage)Stodder! Flyt dig for helvede!
2. (English usage) You stodder! I told you to put that over there!
por Jens 04 de Dezembro de 2004
2 2
rhymes with crotch. derogatory name for a female who carries herself in a way which is nearly impossible to respect.
"Yo, that girl's such a trotch, did you see her all over his friends too?"
por jens 18 de Março de 2004
5 6
A member wich is allways better than others.
That member is a tiziliAN.
por Jens 28 de Agosto de 2003
2 3