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The last thing to be said before one leaves or exits for what may be the final time; famous last words.
IE: If you are radio DJ's leaving work on Friday not knowing if you will be back because one of your on air contests went awry in a Church, the last thing they say as their shift ends is, "Your mom's box."
por Grizzly 21 de Abril de 2003
A by product of a person Shitting, Pissing, Vomiting, Ejaculating, Burping, Sneezing and Farting at once.

This is the moment in which space time ceases to exist and all matter in the universe will implode.
"After a night of heavy binge drinking and a Pepe's Burrito, Ralph unwittingly destroyed the universe by creating a Singularity in his bathroom."
por Grizzly 28 de Agosto de 2009
The male act of having picture taken with his Scrotum sac hanging out of his pants.

Also the act of shaming an intoxicated person using afforementioned method. Usually laying the scrotum on the forehead of that person.
"Anyone who can't handle thier liquor in this frat will be scrotographed and shamed."

"Bob is passed out again, and we are out of markers, shall we scrotograph him?"
por Grizzly 07 de Outubro de 2004
At Least He's Asian

Pseudo derogatory acronym to describe a butt fugly Asian male's innate ability to bag a unreal smoking hot Asian girl. He is usually up to 2 feet shorter and may posess a monkey face and a cigarette stained grill.

The nature of this may be due to financial status, occupation, vehicle or possesion of a massive wang in tow.

This is the opposite of Cornshark (Noun).
"Holy shit, check out that slammin Azn biatch!"

"I can't, that drooling snaggle toothed dude is all up on her like a cheap suit."



"At least he's Asian!"
por Grizzly 28 de Agosto de 2009
Consists of lunch leftovers, unclaimed tupperware contents, birthday cake shavings, cupcakes, old donuts, glass jars filled with candy found in office buildings everywhere.

The saavy Office Scrapper can usually be fed throughout the course of the day in minimalistic fashion for free by grazing on these morsels of abandon. Albiet this may come with a strong chance of malnutrition.

Quality of Office Scraps rises exponentially depending on the positive cash flow or income of the company or organization. Civil service offices will provide the least quality and nutrition compared to a newly I.P.O'd company where you might even be able to obtain leftovers from a veggie platter on occasion.
Rita: "I'm stuffed..."

Molly: "Did you go off site for lunch? Somewhere nice?"

Rita: "Nope, I waited for everyone to leave Al's birthday party then I managed a piece of chocolate cake, four sugar snap peas, a half cup of Sprite and a cherry tomato."

Molly: "Ahh... Office Scraps."
por Grizzly 31 de Agosto de 2009
Origin: Internet / Instant Messaging

Variation of the word "SUP". Meaning "Whats Up?"

Typing fast and frequent mispellings lead to this more lively version of "SUP"
Bob: Spu!
John: Hey!
por Grizzly 06 de Outubro de 2004
An age old office prank that never gets old. Or if it does, only to the receiver.

Usually in hectic office environments an unsuspecting poor sap will leave his computer unlocked for a just a few precious minutes. Within this time the more saavy co-worker has Carte Blanche access to google up a pic of a hot pair of gay men embracing in a clutch of passion. Or in extreme cases a well placed schlong dangling pic right on his desktop.

The coup de grace of this prank is to conceal the background with a few legitimate applications such as Word, Excel or Outlook email.

Upon returning to his workstation he may work hours before minimizing or locking his workstation down (much too late) to be shocked to see a pink pile of man junk proliferate his screen. This works exceptionally well when female hetero passers by notice the commotion from his cube.
William: "Well, I'm done for the day have a good weekend"... "WHAT THE FU(*K!"

Ted: "LOL"

Betty: "How many times are you going to give him a Screengayver Ted?" "LOL"
por Grizzly 27 de Agosto de 2009
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