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3 definitions by d3ck3r

The act of catching a person red-handed when they are not going to Sunday school.
Skyler: "Hey let's go somewhere else instead of class."
Parker: "Hey who's that?"
Skyler: "Man we got Mozingo'd!"
por d3ck3r 02 de Junho de 2013
One who Flounds. Term used for a certain type of basketball player. Strengths are quickness, driving, and shooting the ball moderately well. Playing style is unorthodox. Shoots layups with 2 hands. Tends to be lanky in stature. Weaknesses are, well, everything else. Prone to being rejected, out rebounded, and shooting bricks. Can get the job done.
Parker: "Jason, do you want Amir or Seth for your team?"
Jason: "Seth. He's a Flounder."
Parker: "Got 'em..."
por d3ck3r 23 de Julho de 2013
A standardized scale for measuring the masculinity of males. Judged upon their traits and abilities. There are 3 results of the Sinep Scale: llampsines, tapsinef, and gipsineb.
We used the Sinep Scale today and found that Amir is a llampsines, Faraz is a tapsinef, and Jason is a gipsineb.
por d3ck3r 23 de Julho de 2013