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16 definitions by chitsb

So ugh its fantastic
"Did you see that grey cockroach that scuttled by? Ughtastic!"
por chitsb 09 de Janeiro de 2009
10 0
when geeky becomes the new cool
"You have gotta try wearing sports shoes with formal pants!! It's totally geekariffic!"
por chitsb 09 de Janeiro de 2009
9 0
Groovy and delicious like ravioli
A dance club that serves free food? Groovioli!!
por chitsb 09 de Janeiro de 2009
8 1
Hari Pothead is an unfortunate orphan who grew up to be a dope addict with some pretty serious delusions about being a wizard and all. His addiction left him with a serious head injury and an ugly scar on the forehead.

When he is not high, he is sweeping the streets, and when no one is looking, he likes to get nasty with the broomstick. He tried to be a snake-charmer when he realised his charm never worked on the ladies. Unfortunately the only snake that did not bite him (Nagini), left him for his sworn enemy after she explained that she was NOT a woman in disguise. gotta slow down with the don't want to end up getting sorcerer stoned like Harry Pothead
por chitsb 15 de Agosto de 2011
9 4
a state of being when you are Ziggy Stardusted
"She has been obsessing over shiny spandex clothes and Ziggy Stardust. Methinks she is in a David Wowie state of mind."
por chitsb 09 de Janeiro de 2009
9 4
The act of getting high while watching Harry Potter movies
oh dude, we ran an HP marathon and got sorcerer stoned and soooo frikkin high!
por chitsb 15 de Agosto de 2011
5 1
verb: to bitch about someone in front of them, and not behind their back
I'm telling you honey all that lead in your lipstick is going to your brains! I'd rather fritch than bitch about you!
por chitsb 09 de Janeiro de 2009
16 13