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6 definitions by big bird

A dark black, brown, or similar colored growth found on the skin. It resembles a freckle but it's raised.
The man had a cancerous mole removed from his arm.
por Big Bird 10 de Setembro de 2004
358 204
the country immediatley north of the united states in north america
the United States and Canada share a border.
por Big Bird 10 de Setembro de 2004
86 51
a dude , usually young, who gets welfare or foodstamps cause he to lazy to work and nobody will hire him.
He live off the government and his family.
dont go out wit him , hes a welfare man.
por big bird 25 de Fevereiro de 2005
28 7
a homo izzle
Shoutout to my homeys in F-Townizzle
if you looked up this word you are a homoizzle
por BIg birD 28 de Novembro de 2003
6 0
ebonic term for the crotch.
I can't beleive that you hit me in the crizzotch!
por Big Bird 06 de Julho de 2003
2 0
a friend who has just made a big mistake. (can be male or female)
You stupid bizzatch! Your suppossed to tap the left cheek first!
por Big Bird 06 de Julho de 2003
4 22