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4 definitions by aBecka

chilling in one spot, usually with nothing to do.
I don't want to hang out with them, they are just posted up at Ryan's house.
por aBecka 01 de Junho de 2005
To be completly depressing and annoying. Always bringing down other people's moods and ruining a good time. Short for miserable.
No one hangs out with Charlie anymore, he is always so mis.
por aBecka 07 de Junho de 2005
dimples on someone's face.
Your dick dents are really cute!!
por aBecka 25 de Maio de 2005
To be an utter annoyance, constant bothering, persistant.
Friend 1: Who keeps calling you?
Friend 2: It's that girl from the bar. She keeps ramming my cell phone.
por aBecka 01 de Junho de 2005