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an attempt to modify the highly-overutilised term "bitch", perhaps to set it apart from other uses of the term bitch used to describe dawgs, women, ho's, men, hood-persons, life, bad days, things that is and things that ain't. This term seems a particularly appropriate response to use when a male and female hood-person are in an argument, and she has accurately named his hustlin'/lyin'/disrespectful behavior, ignoring his lame excuses about what he meant to
or didn't mean to do (see below) and he has to resort to name calling:
Shavonda: "I see'd yo' ass wit' dat ho', givin' her crack fo' some pussy! You say I'se de only ho' you gives crack to fo' pussy!"
Cla'Varice: "Baby, you's my only ho'! I didn't know dat was crack."
Shavonda: "but I saw yo' ass takin' her to da motel, and gettin' a room fo' a hour."
Cla'Varice: "I was gonna introduce her to mah man
LeVanderah, so he could fine her a new pimp."
Shavonda: "is dat why you give him Fitty Cent and he give you dat rubbah?"
Cla'Varice: "honey, I juss don't want you to get no clap
now, honey, dass why I wears a rubbah on mah thang."
ShaVonda: "I knew you wuz screwin' utha ho's!"
Cla'Varice: "Be-atch!"
por William the White 27 de Junho de 2006
Generic term used as a noun, verb, adjective, exclamation and adverb by incredibly vocab-limited Hood-persons as a lazy form of the too-many-syllabled "mutherfucker", which of course refers to the fact that since the actual lineage of many hood-persons is unclear, that having sex with a female hood-person may in fact be having sex with one's own mother (unless she's younger than you are.)
HP1: "hey bro', wanna hit some mufuckin' pussy tonite?"
HP2: "nah, mufucka, mufuckin' sister aks me ta hep her
wit' her mufuckin' homework tonite. ain't dat a
HP1: "mufucka! I'm mufuckin' ready fo' pussy tonite!"
HP3: "how y'all mufucka's is, dawg?"
(HP= Hood-person)
por William the White 27 de Junho de 2006
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