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8 definitions by Truth hurts

Someone who believes that all humans should have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of race, sex, sexuality or class background. Also: humanist.
por Truth hurts 11 de Março de 2003
312 51
What traditional non-racist skinheads began to call scruffy glue-sniffing sleazeballs who pretended to be skinheads in the late 1970s. Now it specifically refers to neo-Nazi/white power skinhead imposters.
When I left the pub, a bonehead gave me a Hitler salute so I smacked him in the gob.
por Truth hurts 11 de Março de 2003
368 130
preschool rapper who r. kelly is interested in
I was riding on my tricycle bumpin' to lil' romeo.
por truth hurts 15 de Abril de 2003
28 18
What yuppies do early in the morning to stay in shape.
Brad and Fred are going to jog in Central Park tomorrow.
por Truth hurts 11 de Março de 2003
42 32
Someone who creates. Also: maker, artist, builder, mother, god.
por Truth hurts 11 de Março de 2003
23 18
insecure geek
I have like finnaly managed to hook up with a female now i know every one wants to get into her pants especially all those guys that like talk to her they are just asking to be flamed on technoskape
por truth hurts 16 de Maio de 2003
3 23
Anyone who isn't an ignorant racist.
That Nazi-wannabe called me a race traitor because I have a Jewish girlfriend.
por Truth hurts 11 de Março de 2003
95 165