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38 definitions by Teratogen

The stuff that humans are made of, from Cosmos, by Carl Sagan.
We are made of star stuff.
por Teratogen 15 de Setembro de 2010
6 1
Like Watergate, except all about Weiners.
Congressman Weiner did not show is schlong to a woman on twitter.. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It's Weinergate!
por Teratogen 11 de Junho de 2011
3 0
The nervous twitchiness that you get from going too long without sex.
My girlfriend flew back home to see her parents for a week. By the end of that week I was really antsy in the pantsy!
por Teratogen 08 de Maio de 2011
4 1
When your birthday and wedding anniversary are both in December.
I'm 45 and I have been married 20 years this December! Happy merrybirthaversary to me!
por Teratogen 28 de Dezembro de 2012
2 0
A woman who is topless, breasts exposed.
I was delivering pizza. I knocked on the door and a woman answered with her tits flying. Her boyfriend yelled at her to put on a shirt but she said "Well it's not like he's never seen tits before!" I had never seen tits before.
por Teratogen 21 de Dezembro de 2011
2 1
An exclamation of surprise (from Niven/Pournelle novel "The Gripping Hand")
Well, rape my lizard! If it isn't my old friend Rosa!
por Teratogen 12 de Junho de 2011
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Poetic name for the vagina.
I stuck my schlong deep inside her quivering clam of love!
por Teratogen 19 de Maio de 2011
2 1