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4 definitions by SHADY MILKMAN

dont stop your hustle
keep grindin
get your paper up
dont let anyone get you down
keep your mind straight
ayt cuz, keep it spinnin.
por SHADY MILKMAN 05 de Junho de 2005
- Repulsive or offensive; objectionable, adjective means offensive to the sense of sight.
that chick is spitnasstic. (spit in your ass ugly)
por Shady Milkman 08 de Dezembro de 2003
A Person that is brain dead a fourm.
por Shady Milkman 02 de Agosto de 2003
Blow Job, Dome, Head, Fellatio
I want a smoothie. May i have a smoothie. You're a smoothie(Queen/King)
por Shady Milkman 08 de Dezembro de 2003