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672 definitions by Ryan

most definitely
"Should we go to 7-11?"
"Most Def"
por ryan 19 de Agosto de 2002
147 42
pigs are they sworn enemy of the skateboarders. pigs are usually fat, bald, ugly, and eat alot of doughnuts.
sk8er hate those damn pigs
por ryan 08 de Dezembro de 2004
249 145
A set amount of RPMs which your engine can put out before you pretty much blow it up. This is usually where your numbers on your tachometer start turning red, just be sure to keep it out of the red or else $$$$ will be needed. For instance, the redline on my 95 Jeep Grandcherokee is 5,300 RPMS that is exactly where they start turning red, some cars have a rev limiter on them, so due to my rev limiter the engine will not go past 5,300rpms and the engine starts "bouncing" meaning the needle will do the same. I advise you not to try this.
Dude your not supposed to shift while ur racing till you redline it
por Ryan 07 de Abril de 2005
153 54
An email, usually to a message board, written with intent to offend\anger\enrage other persons, so that they will send a flaming email in reply.
I think you guys are stupid for coming to this messageboard devoted to such a waste of space as insert celebrity here
por ryan 24 de Março de 2004
135 37
When your in first year and bigger boys pull your underpants over you head or rip them by pulling them from the back.
I am going to wedgy that kid till his arse bleeds
por Ryan 20 de Novembro de 2003
178 80
One who owns.
Verna owns everyone.
por Ryan 06 de Outubro de 2003
133 35
no problem, it's cool.

Usually used in response to someone's apology to indicate acceptance.

See No worries.

Sorry I insulted you earlier. I didn't mean for it to come out that way.

Response: no harm no foul buddy.
por Ryan 22 de Fevereiro de 2005
132 38