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6 definitions by Quail

The length of your piss

How far you can stand away from the toilet and pee and get it in the toilet

Strength of the Energy exerted from your penis to move the liquid out.
His perspirosity was so short, the had to stand over the toilet

his perspirosity was so long, he could stand out the door and piss it all the way in the toilet
por Quail 20 de Dezembro de 2003
2 1
When your enganged in sexual intercourse and you burp, hiccup, sneeze,cry,laugh or anything that ruins the mood
He was gwanding while giving anal

She left him after she realized he was gwanding

He couldnt help from gwanding
por Quail 20 de Dezembro de 2003
1 3
As we call it in RLS, a girl who has a "sloppy joe pussy"
Chloe and Sarah hav Quadrupa-Fupa. Damn Sloppy Joes!
por Quail 18 de Setembro de 2003
5 8
the thing that you hit hippos with
Thats a quail.
por Quail 21 de Dezembro de 2003
11 17
Homosexual/Extremely camp man
You had sez with a man? Your a rite old minch mate!
por Quail 26 de Outubro de 2003
6 37
The ghetto, aka MK
My hoods ruff, my hoods tuff, i liv in da manor man dem call MK, blap blap
por Quail 19 de Setembro de 2003
62 176