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2 definitions by Monkeyman_00

1) Poo that is found under the males foreskin after poo-sex
2) Poop that has lodged itself and stuck in ur butt hair
1) Three hours after butt-fucking the Rump Raider found his sausage was itching, and upon inspection found a sizeable lump of winnet lurking beneath his man-skin
2) Not wiping is not a good idea - little johnny wipe-alot
por Monkeyman_00 02 de Maio de 2004
177 113
To grab someone and hug 'em r33l tight like.
Both arms solidly holding the person immobile
the the rugby player grabbed the nerd in a tight bear hug while his team mates beat the shit outta him
por Monkeyman_00 30 de Abril de 2004
121 79