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3 definitions by MegaworM

1. n - A greeting usually used on the online community.
2. v - To greet someone like a happy dog who has missed his owner.
MegaworM: :D
P Rybes: heya
por MegaworM 21 de Junho de 2004
194 113
1. n - Common misspelling of w00t
<DJvenom> Liek omg, e00t ^_____^
por MegaworM 21 de Junho de 2004
7 6
One hawt mofo. He kills babies and enslaves women. He also works part-time as a pimp.
"DAMN BRO, you lost your girl again to that bish. MegaworM must die."
por MegaworM 30 de Março de 2005
5 5