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107 definitions by Martin

A Pacifist Person
Against War or conflicts
Never gives it's opinion to others
My Friend Jairo Zapata
por Martin 07 de Fevereiro de 2005
Glue sniffer or solvent abuser.
Magea is a bag head
Stop being such a bag 'ead
por Martin 03 de Janeiro de 2005
a person who wanks over animal , usually named "james"
weeheee HORSES *wanks*
por Martin 09 de Abril de 2004
Usually a person called "James" who has no life , and likes to masturbate over all kind off pr0n.
HI my name is "James" i wank over pr0n , all kinds , even animal
por Martin 09 de Abril de 2004
Ultra skilled Day of Defeat player
An above normal skilled player in The online game, Half-life mod "Day of Defeat"
por Martin 10 de Janeiro de 2004
substitute for swearing?!?
im having a blbing horrible day!!!
por martin 09 de Março de 2005
same thang as crunkizzle

but only geeks say it
ROFL DUDE! that is so crunkixxle
por MARTIN 28 de Fevereiro de 2005