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Originally a term for the Independent/Unsigned Indie Rock scene, now is a sub-genre of alternative rock. Not only categorized anymore by the Independence or label of the band, but rather by the sound. Vocals usually exemplify attributes such as exadurated consonant pronunciation, Poetic/symbolic/allegoric lyrics, lyrics which are completely random and interpretive, or lyrics that tell a story. The lyrics of certain songs may be confused with "emo" music, but the Indie scene does not center on such pathetic subjects and has an overall brighter philosophy on life. Sloppy guitar chords, random solos, violin/other commonly classical instrumentals, Off-beats and unique digital editing.
The Pixies
Arctic Monkeys
Bright Eyes
The Fratellis
The Killers
Franz Ferdinand

I know they're on a major label, but they are definitely Indie Rock!
#indie #rock #indy #independent #scene
por Kyle Jabber Billings 26 de Maio de 2007
The Cooler/longer way to do the heart emoticon "<3"
Aww, thanks for saying that, I LessThanThree you!
#lessthanthree. less #than #three #< #3 #<3 #heart #emoticon
por Kyle Jabber Billings 26 de Maio de 2007
Brillig – Four o'clock in the afternoon: the time when you begin broiling things for dinner.
"dude, when is the movie showing?" "It starts about quarter after four, so be there about brillig..." (Meaning, be there about four O'clock in the afternoon.)
#brillig #four #o'clock #time #afternoon
por Kyle Jabber Billings 26 de Maio de 2007
Jabber is short-hand for Jabberwock or Jabberwocky.
1872, nonsense word (perhaps based on jabber) coined by Lewis Carroll, for the poem of the same name, which he published in "Through the Looking-Glass." The poem is about a fabulous beast called the Jabberwock.

1. Jabberwocky- a playful imitation of language consisting of invented, meaningless words; nonsense; gibberish.

2. Jabberwocky- A mysterious creature unexplained by literal means. Figuratively, a being undefined and mysterious; subjectively determined by symbolic means.
Common Speech-"That guy is so mysterious, he's like a jabber..."

"Will you make an entrance?" "No, I think I'll sneak in like a jabberwock."
#jabber #jabberwock #jabberwocky #dragon #ninja #seceret #kenundrum
por Kyle Jabber Billings 26 de Maio de 2007
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