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Bananas, nuts, crazy, wild, ballistic, cuckoo! Any thesaurus will do.
Quite commonly used word, not slang, used to affectionately describe a state of mind such as the above.
Hand-in-hand vocabulary with for example: gor-blimey, bastards!, bollockchops, well I'll be a pissed on candle, crikey, shove it up your arse, and bollocks! Used in the UK at least.(>London<)
Humorous sub-text in use due to its (click the link) 'bonk' attribute, as in copulation of the 'Carry On' sort also bonk could be a hit, say on the head that has comedy value.
To enhance, say: 'bloody bonkers' or 'blimmin bonkers' or 'bloomin bonkers' or 'absolutely bonkers' (esp.)
-He's definitely gone bonkers, that boy.' (crazy in the head)

-They told me they lost the paperwork.
-Did you get mad?'
-I went absolutely bonkers (mad at them)

-I could have sworn I left it here on the frigde, I tell you I'm going bonkers

por Ja-' Chri-' UK 27 de Abril de 2006
The following is an updated short description of the word 'plomb'; use in context, conception and distinction follow...

1. Polite term for a physical turd/poo/crap/shit in a toilet that hasn't flushed for one of many possible reasons...(see i-vii below)

2. Used to endearingly identify one's offspring.

3. A humorous and unique word coined in the early seventies to convey the moment of impact and subsequent existence of (ideally) a well-shaped (circular in cross-section) and solid turd/poo/crap/shit in a toilet;

By fusing "plop" and "bomb" this word describes the two most likely instances that flash into the non-Creator's mind upon detecting a plomb,(i) it's representative and symbolic status as a 'b-omb' by a Creator not one's self and (ii) the precise moment it 'plo-pped' (in the water) from within its Creator.

4. Lead (metal) in French and with close resemblance in many other tongues.

Possible reasons for non-flush and therefore plomb:

i. 'the Creator is still admiring its profile'
ii. 'the Creator simply forgot to flush it'
iii. 'the Creator is still admiring its subaquadynamics.'
iv. 'the Creator failed to account for any excessive reading or dozing time (esp. after bowl-rise-blackout) and subsequent semi-permanence of plomb.
v. 'the Creator is about to perform an autoptical check for consistency'
vi. 'the Creator is peforming a control test to discover his/her intestinal impact on unchewed peas, bananas etc.'
vii. 'the Creator has planted a deliberate 'plomb' for another to stop in his/her tracks and admire.

Examples in context:

1. I say, who left a big plomb in the toilet? 'Where you off to? I'm off to make a plomb' 'Where's so-and-so? I think he/she's in the toilet, making a plomb.'

2. 'How's the plombs? - Oh the kids?, They're fi-i-ne, how's yours? etc' 'You little plomb!' (eg. to young family)

3. 'Why do you call it a Plomb? - NeverM-I-N-D!'

4. Fuel attendant - 'Quelle petrol, Monsieur?
Customer - Plomb!
Fuel attendant - Parfait choix, Monsieur. Toute-suite plomb! Plomb, plomb... c'est si plomb! ..Heh! qu'est ce-que tu viens dit? Ugh! J'adore Patti Smith parce-que je suis 'jeune Parisien'. Je m'en fut! Mange-tu mon plomb! Rat-at-at-at-atat-at!!'

With complements/credit to Harry C the Greek :)
por Ja-' Chri-' UK 16 de Abril de 2006
noun: conveys annoyance (with someone) as in:

"I've got the needle with Steve" = "I'm really annoyed with Steve"


"Steve's given me the needle" = "Steve's really annoyed me"

Alternatively: "I've got a bone to pick with you = "You've given me the needle (about something); "You've given me the needle = "You've given me the hump (, I don't want to talk to you, now piss off!)
"I've got the right needle with Geoff. He's only gawn (=gone) 'n' scratched the paintwork on my old man's Merc."
por Ja-' Chri-' UK 17 de Abril de 2006
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