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103 definitions by JT

Leaving some turds in the shitter for anyone just about to go in.
'I've been busy stocking the porcelain
por JT 04 de Outubro de 2004
3 1
A synonym for "idiot"
Don't be such a zurt
por JT 08 de Setembro de 2004
10 8
Interjection created by mashing together 'schmuck' and 'chodum'.
"Ah schmodum... I just can't seem to keep a hard on."
por JT 25 de Agosto de 2004
2 0
The words 'chode' and 'scrotum' mashed together to make an amusing-sounding insult.
"Dude, Matt, you're such a chodum."
por JT 25 de Agosto de 2004
9 7
a place full of assbags
i work at goodys the place full of assbags
por jt 17 de Abril de 2005
6 5
A beast of a woman who imagines herself as a sex symbol yet smells like a dead fish.

A stinky vagina, Crotch rot, Fishnfatso, FishnHog..
Oh my god! did you see that jt ate fishnchick for lunch?
por JT 16 de Março de 2005
5 4
Looking for some help on this one.
He's a bit of a flickster.
por JT 15 de Outubro de 2004
1 0