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14 definitions by JEEPERS128

the answer you get when you ask a convenience store clerk for anything or anywhere.
"Hey where's the doritos compadre?" Tony asked the man behind the counter.

Oh you loooking ohberdare....ya ohberdare next to dattone...
por JEEPERS128 18 de Janeiro de 2010
Some one who can't resist the draw and allure of the o mighty dollar store. Usually over-weight ugly women in undersized spandex pants showing every sq inch of cellulite or hill-billy men in unwashed clothing with John Deer hats that are older than time itself and smell that way.
Billy Bob and Jackie Sue are quite the pair of Dollaramians.
They stop at every dollar store on Sundays after Church.
por JEEPERS128 02 de Outubro de 2010
What a 2 year old ask his daddy at the car dealership
Hey Daddy you gonna get dattone?.....ya dattone ohberdare
por JEEPERS128 18 de Janeiro de 2010
Similar to a hangover, only with permanent side effects.
the result of way too many martinis during happy hour.
Jane should have insisted on contraception, Now Ted and her could quite possibly be coming down with a nasty childover!
por JEEPERS128 18 de Janeiro de 2010
A group of meatheads that haven't realized their full potential yet.

WannaBe Meatheads
Hey Bill, check out the onionheads playing with that C4!!
Do you think they'll ever make Meathead?
por JEEPERS128 18 de Janeiro de 2010
A place where elderly janitors go once they have inhaled
way too many chemical fumes.
So unfortunate it is, Sylvestor was cut down in his prime, 20 years on the job and his wife had him committed to the state
por JEEPERS128 02 de Outubro de 2010
A cornucopia of fornication, a gathering in one place of a lot of people who enjoy fornication, like a cheesey porn convention. The actual name of the event.
Hey Clemm, are ya kumming with me an Bobby Sue to

Fornificopia next week, Eyes got cha a ticket.
Eyes herd dat Ron Jerome s gonna be dare.
por JEEPERS128 02 de Outubro de 2010