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3 definitions by HTML Rulez D00d

to repeat an answer after someone else gives it to make it appear as if you knew it. (esp: to impress a supervisor, coach or teacher)
He kept gusmaning me!
por HTML Rulez D00d 18 de Maio de 2013
7 1
If someone has already called shotgun or there are no seats available: "riding Henry" is the act of riding along in the bed of a truck. More creative and advanced participants will try it on the outside of a car or any vehicle other than a truck.
" man those assholes picked me up with a full crew, so I had to man up and ride Henry by myself in the back! "

"we need to get this mattress home,so someones riding Henry in the truck cuz we don't have bungie cords".
por HTML rulez d00d 04 de Janeiro de 2010
4 1
To snub someone or humiliate them. To treat someone.
He kept nipping me in class
por HTML Rulez D00d 18 de Maio de 2013
4 3