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To not partake in the use of a razor for the entire month of November.

This month has the effect of categorizing men, most of whom will have a girlfriend who disapproves and will counter by offering "No Sex November" as well. The pussies will cave within the first week and shave. The candidates will go the whole month without shaving. But the real men among us will not only not shave but will have sex anyway, once again proving the theory that women are always wrong.
Average douchebag guido chump: I was participating in No Shave November, but my ol' lady wouldn't give me any so I had to shave.

Moderately manly man: That's fucking weak. I went the whole month. Suck it up!

Fucking Viking: Hahaha, you two are a bunch of pussies. I couldn't even keep the bitches off of me this month, because I am a fucking Viking! Ha, ha.
por General Septem 06 de Outubro de 2009
One of the world's biggest myths. The term is used to describe aggression, as seen from users of anabolic steroids. Usage of the term originates from (and now perpetuates) the myth that steroids make people aggressive.

In reality, increased testosterone improves mood, cognitive function, confidence, libido, and has many other positive effects as well. Some users have claimed, however, that they bring out who you really are. So if you're a dick with emotional problems, steroids will not fix your problems but just give you the balls to be an even bigger dick.

Many users of AAS are chicken-legged douchebags who have no business taking them to begin with. They end up killing themselves by doing stacks no intelligent bodybuilder would ever use, and using them 365 days a year.

A real phenomenon is when an AAS user completes their cycle. At this point, their body has not produced its own testosterone for a while, and they suffer a drastic decrease in T-levels. This LACK of testosterone can cause irritability and depression for a few weeks while the body struggles to play catch-up. But this is not caused directly by anabolic steroids (which testosterone is), but rather the lack of them.
Chris Benoit went roid rage and killed his family and himself. But as it turns out, the guy was just a complete dick with serious emotional problems.
por General Septem 14 de Abril de 2009
a). {x e N : 19 < x < 21 }.

b). set theory. The cardinality of a set containing twenty objects.

c). The number of years you spend in jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

d). The age which is slightly less worthless than 19, and slightly more worthless than 18. The age at which you are considered to be well into fully legal adulthood, yet the government still deems it necessary to babysit certain aspects of your life. Despite the notoriety of turning a new decade, turning 20 doesn't mean a damn thing.
Last night, bobby smoked exactly twice as many joints as he could count on both of his hands. How many joints did bobby smoke?

Answer: 20
por General Septem 03 de Outubro de 2009
Creationists' undisputed proof that evolution is 100% wrong. The standard reasoning is that, since not every single human being who has ever lived since before we were human beings has been dug up, we don't know for 100% sure that they're all *really* related.

Resulting alternate postulations necessarily involve the sudden mass-extinction of one species, almost immediately followed by the magical and/or miraculous introduction of a new species - homo sapiens - by the creationist's deity of choice, be it God or aliens.

Despite the fact that this "theory" cannot hold up to a tiny fraction of the rigor they grace the theory of evolution with, proponents of intelligent design often fervently insist that the "missing link" in the chain of evolution is undeniable proof that the theory of evolution is entirely unfounded, and that their highly unlikely postulate of intelligent design must be the only logical solution.

In reality, the "missing link" represents but one piece of missing evidence among millions of pieces of existing evidence for evolution. This can be contrasted to the almost complete lack of any evidence whatsoever for the proposed alternate theory of intelligent design, as well as the willful ignorance of any physical evidence that does in fact exist (which is commonly dismissed by arguments such as "LOL THE DEVIL PUT IT THERE").

The field of psychology explains that this type of reasoning has its roots in a phenomenon known as the "confirmation bias", which is the tendency of a person to seek out and interpret information which enforces their predrawn conclusions and reject information which challenges said conclusions. The confirmation bias can be found at the heart of many junk sciences in which conclusions are drawn before any physical evidence is gathered to lead one to that conclusion.

Creationist: It's the missing link! The answer must be Intelligent Design!
por General Septem 23 de Maio de 2009
Those little golden bundles of goodness that smell like shit and usually sit around for six hours, ready to be consumed in boxes of twenty by some 500-pound whale alongside a Big N' Nasty and Diet Cock.

Chicken McFuckIts also go well with any of McDonald's three healthy menu items; one of said items along with a box of McFuckIts and a large Rank Beer are often consumed in unison by 300-pound soccer moms who wonder why their "health kick" isn't making them lose any weight.
Box me some Chicken McFuckIts already, before this fucking bitch at the counter eats me instead!
por General Septem 24 de Maio de 2009
From the English "anglo-", meaning "English" and the l33t15h "owned", meaning "to have one's ass handed back to them on a plate". Anglowned means to completely own some dumbass who can't spell or use sentence structure.
"hi guyez im riteing a book adn i ned sum ideaz 4 namez ken any1 hlp plz kthx???????"

"Well if you're writing a book I hope you can actually spell..."

"Oh snap, you got anglowned by a Dutchman."
por General Septem 11 de Janeiro de 2008
A MMF sexual position in which the chick bends over doggy style, giving one guy a blowjob and having the other guy pump her. Called so because it looks like the two guys are playing cards on her back.
So I was playing cards on this chick's back with her boyfriend, and she called me the next day and asked for some one-on-one time. I kick ass!
por General Septem 04 de Fevereiro de 2010
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