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5 definitions by Frankline Foxxx

A mental sanatorium established in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1982 by the honourable Abdulla Al-Neweis. Tucked into a dusty corner, the cardboard school as it is popularly known, contains 'a swimming pool that is always being built next year', lame-faced lame-duck teachers, depressed students on the verge of suicide(unfortunately no deaths), & the most ridiculous school politics.
Apparently the LATEST rumour...'it's gonna close down' along with other shitty gossip of 'embezzlement of funds'...phew & what not.
Those cool kids ova there go to Al Worood Academy Private School.
por Frankline Foxxx 04 de Maio de 2010
29 5
Derogatory term for Al Worood School or its students.
Means 'monkeys' in Arabic
Those Woroodians are qorood for life.
por Frankline Foxxx 04 de Maio de 2010
9 3
Your partner in drinkinking water, juice etc.
My new glassmate is Frankliene. Would you like to meet her?
por Frankline Foxxx 04 de Maio de 2010
2 1
pop+ jocular
Someone who gets a 'high' from soft drinks.
At the sight of a Coca-Cola, Frankline gets so popular.
por Frankline Foxxx 04 de Maio de 2010
4 4
A polar bear who is confused about his sexual orientation.
The bipolar polar bear had trouble deciding between his brother & sister.
por Frankline Foxxx 11 de Junho de 2010
18 45