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35 definitions by Frank Booth

from Orwell's "1984." Any act of sex other than for procreation.

"Sexcrime" is a word in the fictitious language "Newspeak."
"I told them about your thoughtcrime, your sexcrime... all your treachery..." - Winston
por Frank Booth 22 de Maio de 2006
13 6
children, redneck lingo, sometimes used before the word "kids"
And I gotta feed them yardape kids.
por Frank Booth 03 de Janeiro de 2005
47 40
a large, fat or corpulent woman
Man that Janet is a real Large Marge, eh?
por Frank Booth 09 de Maio de 2005
25 23
in a multi-player gaming environment, one who is not playing to win, but rather, one who is playing to make a particular opponent lose, or playing simply to disrupt the game
"Why did you hit me? I wasn't even ahead, you hater."
por Frank Booth 27 de Dezembro de 2004
63 61
brother, a perversion of bubba.
C'mon, figure it out, bubner. How long you been here?
por Frank Booth 16 de Fevereiro de 2007
4 3
v. in a multi-player gaming environment, to cause another player's score to drop to zero, thus removing him from the game or the round.
Hey, Hitman! U wanna zero Flame?
por Frank Booth 01 de Janeiro de 2005
29 29
to speak (from boontling)
That boonter's harpin.
por Frank Booth 01 de Janeiro de 2005
27 27